Plein Air Painting

Stefan Baumann’s Plein Air Workshop

This Three Day Intermediate Workshop will impact the way you paint forever!

This Intermediate Plein Air Workshop is designed for artists who want to learn at a faster pace, to learn more advanced techniques, skills, and acquire a thorough understanding of how to paint en plein air like a Master. In this Workshop you will learn and  implement different methods of seeing and creating compositions, establishing a focal point, applying paint, using color, temperature and value effectively, and painting with Alla Prima methods. Stefan Baumann will answer any and all your questions about painting in general as well as questions and concerns about painting plein air on location. His primary focus is to increase each participant’s  understanding 0f the theoretical and practical principles of painting.


Stefan Baumann’s workshops provide direct access to your inner creativity.  Participants will leave with an amazing understanding of the process of plein air painting along with the awareness of their capabilities as a painter in and out of the studio. While the Basic and Intermediate Workshops are complete in themselves, Baumann’s workshops are designed so that they build on and enrich each other. His goal is to equip you to paint and create art of your own design during the three day workshop.  Stefan will personally coach you as you implement proven strategies and tools that he has mastered over the years when he painted en plein air at various locations and environmental conditions. You will achieve the results you want and deserve faster than you may have ever imagined possible.